Sunday, August 08, 2010

okay, so more cool stuff ...

... remember now, I'm back in the house I grew up in (and that's a long time ago). I'm out in the yard yesterday and Marge is (back in the yard she grew up in next door) helping her dad take care of some yard work and she calls me over to give me copies of the below pics she found in her parent's house. HOW COOL ARE THEY? We look like little Appalachian children! I never knew these pics existed! Me and my little sister and our little friends! the structure behind us is my existing garage and the concrete slab behind us is now my family room. SO DARN CUTE! I love old pictures and the story they tell.

Nancy R., Marge S. Michele R. (my little sister) and me!
Thanks for sharing Marge!

Family gathers ...

to help Bry get a few things done before he heads back to UT to begin his internship program with the Utah Grizzlies . Bruce and Shell kicked off his evening with a little something they had Greg bring back from South Africa ... he was pretty excited!

(South African Rand)

(Joey's Eggplant Fries)
So then we began the tedious job (WAY YUM!) of helping him chip away at his New England 'culinary bucket list' while home from UT. Got to check 2 off at one sitting ...
J. Tim's and Joey Garlic's

(Dirt Wings and New Castle)

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