Monday, August 27, 2012

Bryan's Graduation Gala

This way to ...

Pizza Poni out of Old Saybrook fed us the best stuffed breads, Caesar salad and Pizza!
Pizza and stuffed breads made in a wood burning stove

does anyone see the possibilities here?  With this many culinary wizards in one family and a sports management grad, I envision an Italian/Irish sports bar by the sea that also goes on the road to do private parties and sporting/tailgating events :) with extensive background in security ...

Pizza Poni's, Tom and Carmen

the master at work!

Design your own ...
think this was a BBQ chicken and bacon pizza!
Peek ...

Pretty cool set up -


watching the chef!

Linda, Carl and Tom

U of U Grad!
(Crimson and White, the colors of the day)
Party People ... Tam, Robin, Laura, Shell and Cory!

Barbara and Erika


Amanda and Michael

Ashley, Eric and Bry

That's MY boy!
Ashley, Ethan, Carol and Kasay

Carol and Kathy

This is the new family that Rog will be living with! :)

just part of our entertainment
watching the 'show'!
Tam and Robin driving off into the sunset ...

BEST TIME! Thank YOU so much to everyone who attended, and missed those who could not be there! PIZZA PONI was awesome - so YUMMY! Wished it lasted for 3 more days! I forgot to serve coffee, I still have things to say ... loved Kevin & Bryan's closing day speeches! Thanks to all who made this day possible (chefs, entrepreneurs, friends, family, kitchen witches, workers, partiers, entertainers, and pet sitters too!) … it was WAY FUN! ♥

(card by Hallmark from Aunti Shell and Bruce)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

L'Crittery pour petits chiens

So the other day, I filled up the pup pool and sat in the sun watching our two small pups dive for ice cubes. Pulled out their beach towel and their beach balls and watched them have a blast and started thinking …

… how fun would it be to watch 5 or 6 little dogs dive for ice cubes and play and have fun? We could play ball, learn new tricks and while they napped during quiet time, I could paint pictures of them (and pick up poop). They could run and play in the fully secured outside play space pictured or have access to the pup-proofed, climate controlled, 1st floor of our home thru a small doggy door through way. Rog could build them a play scape or a pirate ship to play in. While playing on the deck that overlooks the lower yard they can watch squirrels, chippies and birds play. A pup with lots to do is a happy pup. A busy pup will eventually be a sleepy pup and when they wake up, then we’ll start all over again. Resident pups, Bella and Lexi, love to have friends over.  We could have ...

"All pups will be screened prior to acceptance to 'the Crittery' to assure both the pup’s owner and us that the pup will be comfortable in our home. In order to ensure a harmonious environment and due to some space limitations, we cannot accept large pups or pups that are aggressive or destructive. All pups must be friendly with other pups and people. We will require an up-to-date copy of your pup’s immunization records, including proof of a Bordetella shot. Bring your pups food if they will be staying during a meal time, we don’t want any tummy issues. Sleepovers are possible and contingent on scheduling. Sometimes good things come in little packages and large boarding facilities aren’t for every pup. Come for a visit and see if the Crittery works for you and your pup."

… some crazy thinking … but this might just work!  Would you bring your pup to home play care at the Crittery?

p.s. designed the above logo back in 2009 with the help of artist Robin Le.
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