Tuesday, May 22, 2007

TOO, TOO, BUSY - But Bry's home - YIPPIE! and ...

Bry's back from the U of U ...

not sure how long he'll stay ...

he loves Utah way too much ...

but we'll keep him as long as we can ...

Busy Weekend ...

started on Saturday with
Dick and Jim's 60th Birthday Party!

A perfect gift!

Birthday Cousins!

Carol did a great job with the party!

Party people - reunited again!

Dick and Randy playing horseshoes

at the beautiful new horseshoe pits

in the fenced in backyard at Ivy Dr.

Birthday Boy James
slices the Birthday Ham!

Brothers - James & Bill at the grill

(I worked with Bill 34 years ago @ James H. McManus -
very small world)

Party people at the Buffet!

more Party People!

Randy and Rachel

Jim's daughter, Lara and her Fiance, Jason

and more party people ...

Daddy's Little Girl (all grown up)!

opening cards and presents ...

Sunday it was off to Westbrook
for Rob and Wendy's
25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
and the renewal of their wedding vows
at the beach!

remember Sunday, it was supposed to rain ...

not for their ceremony~it was beautiful!

What a great couple!

I love the Tux and the Teva's

Congratulations Rob & Wendy

Thanks for including us in your special day!

Wendy and Rog, (nice veil Rog)!

The End !!

(just a cute little Westbrook picture
taken on the walk back to the cottage from the beach)


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What if you could ....
look for surprises in your garden

.... and see them?


(my Mom in the daffodils and me in the pansy patch)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Are you bored enough with "all about ME"

Well here's what's happening in ARIZONA!
My "kissing cousin" Christopher moved his family out to AZ quite some time ago
and we miss them all a whole bunch!here is Paul off to the Prom! Very GQ
Paul and friends off to the Prom

Paul is very into acting and his Drama teacher (lady on the far right) drove them all to the Prom in the bus behind them!

Looks like never a dull moment in Sedona, AZ
Some guy, Chris and Paul on a rock climbing trip with the Boy Scouts.
(Chris organized the whole Sedona Boy Scout camping and merit badge trip)
... Christopher you never cease to amaze me!

Paul rappelling down a 120 foot cliff.
How come Chris is not rappelling down a 120 foot cliff?

more Paul doing scary stuff!

Here's Luke (far left) after he got his Arrow of Light.
Yippie, more Boy Scouts in the family!
Congrats Luke!!!!!!!!
we miss you guys!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

weekend stuff

gera, gera quite contrara, how does your garden grow?
(Breck's bulbs planted last Fall)

Home Depot Pansies, can you believe it??

Went to the Thomaston Opera House Friday night
with my good friend Linda Y

to see

What an excellent production! Go to http://www.thomastonoperahouse.org/ for more information about the Thomaston Opera House (actors and all opera house workers are volunteers). Tickets were only $19 each. Great entertainment just 20 mins. away. Can't wait to see the Wizard of Oz in September.
(also had an incredible dinner prepared by THE Tim Y at the Y home. The VERY BEST TUNA I have ever had ever, and the accompaniements were very good also!)
off to story time tomorrow with E & A and A.K.
Bryan is done with school until August at the

and is driving home with his Dad the week of May 14th ... Yippee!
well ... have a great week!

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