Monday, May 07, 2007

Are you bored enough with "all about ME"

Well here's what's happening in ARIZONA!
My "kissing cousin" Christopher moved his family out to AZ quite some time ago
and we miss them all a whole bunch!here is Paul off to the Prom! Very GQ
Paul and friends off to the Prom

Paul is very into acting and his Drama teacher (lady on the far right) drove them all to the Prom in the bus behind them!

Looks like never a dull moment in Sedona, AZ
Some guy, Chris and Paul on a rock climbing trip with the Boy Scouts.
(Chris organized the whole Sedona Boy Scout camping and merit badge trip)
... Christopher you never cease to amaze me!

Paul rappelling down a 120 foot cliff.
How come Chris is not rappelling down a 120 foot cliff?

more Paul doing scary stuff!

Here's Luke (far left) after he got his Arrow of Light.
Yippie, more Boy Scouts in the family!
Congrats Luke!!!!!!!!
we miss you guys!


Anonymous said...

The prom was held in the new Cardinals football stadium. Sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

For the record: We dont miss them that much.

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