Sunday, May 06, 2007

weekend stuff

gera, gera quite contrara, how does your garden grow?
(Breck's bulbs planted last Fall)

Home Depot Pansies, can you believe it??

Went to the Thomaston Opera House Friday night
with my good friend Linda Y

to see

What an excellent production! Go to for more information about the Thomaston Opera House (actors and all opera house workers are volunteers). Tickets were only $19 each. Great entertainment just 20 mins. away. Can't wait to see the Wizard of Oz in September.
(also had an incredible dinner prepared by THE Tim Y at the Y home. The VERY BEST TUNA I have ever had ever, and the accompaniements were very good also!)
off to story time tomorrow with E & A and A.K.
Bryan is done with school until August at the

and is driving home with his Dad the week of May 14th ... Yippee!
well ... have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Flowers are beautiful!

Keep up the good work

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