Saturday, March 12, 2011

putting things into perspective ...

"OH CRAP!", said I, as I headed out to survey the damage of the sympathetic fall of the Art Chouinard wall, just one day after the devastation that befell Japan. How was I going to move that old stone? How would I rebuild? How would it effect the existing structure and just after I had to replace my crank shaft sensor in my car ... what else could possibly happen to me? ... and then I stopped myself from moving forward in my little 'moment' and remembered all the terrible pictures I had seen this morning from Japan and the flooding in New Jersey and I thanked God for all of my Blessings, thanked him for where I am and what I have at this very moment, pulled my sweater a little tighter and smiled at my fallen wall.

even smiled at the PlayStation 3 wire that Bella almost chewed through
(Rog ... not so much)
putting things into perspective ...
I got nothin' to worry about!
prayers for the people of Japan and all those who are not as Blessed as i

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