Saturday, March 12, 2011

putting things into perspective ...

"OH CRAP!", said I, as I headed out to survey the damage of the sympathetic fall of the Art Chouinard wall, just one day after the devastation that befell Japan. How was I going to move that old stone? How would I rebuild? How would it effect the existing structure and just after I had to replace my crank shaft sensor in my car ... what else could possibly happen to me? ... and then I stopped myself from moving forward in my little 'moment' and remembered all the terrible pictures I had seen this morning from Japan and the flooding in New Jersey and I thanked God for all of my Blessings, thanked him for where I am and what I have at this very moment, pulled my sweater a little tighter and smiled at my fallen wall.

even smiled at the PlayStation 3 wire that Bella almost chewed through
(Rog ... not so much)
putting things into perspective ...
I got nothin' to worry about!
prayers for the people of Japan and all those who are not as Blessed as i



Shari said...

For every rock you replace think of one memory of your dad and it will become a task of love not a chore.

Also one chewed cord is worth all the affection, love and companionship that Bella gives you and Roger.

The destruction in Japan is incredible. So many have died and hundreds have not been found yet. We need to be thankful for our blessings.

Kerri said...

yes, you're right...prayers to them.

thank you for your comment on my blog about zoe and scout. reading sweet notes like yours really do feel nice, so thank you!

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