Wednesday, November 06, 2013

bye 2013 Fairy Garden ... until next year!


Dismantled this year’s fairy garden … My dad used to take me for wheelbarrow rides in this wheelbarrow 50 years ago.  It was a perfect place for the fairies to play this year and much easier to tend to … 2 feet above the ground.   Used an old funnel to add another layer of planting.  Rog drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and it was real easy to move to mow the grass.  Dad’s been gone 24 years this week … bet he’s glad I’m still getting use of his old wheelbarrow!


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Bryan

Happy Birthday from the East Coast Bry!
follow along left to right ... a few words of wisdom and birthday wishes for each picture ...

1. so happy you came into this world on a Monday morning @ 8:02 on 8/24/88
2. you were so cute and not so tiny ... 9lbs. 9 ozs.
3. your brother was so happy to have a little bro......

4. remember your roots
5. don't be afraid to try new healthy things
6. dress for success :)
7. continue to perfect your culinary skills
8. BE GOOD ... do great things
9. no pouty faces
10. blow out all your candles
11. speak up for what you believe in
12. pursue what you like so you can like what you do

so there you go ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SON

... have a GREAT day!



Monday, May 20, 2013

Habitat for Ornithology Volunteers

Little Screech owl showed up a couple of months ago perched in a squirrel box in our yard. Rog immediately designed and built a sweet ‘home of his own’, trying to lure him into the neighborhood as a permanent resident. The beautifully crafted home sat in the basement as we tried to figure out who would climb the big pine to secure the home at a perfect vantage point for our owl.

Between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m.every night for the last 2 weeks you could hear hooting in the night. The house had to go up!  It takes a whole village to raise an owl and check out these habitat for ornithology volunteers for little Screech’s new home! Stopped hearing the owl the night before the house went up, didn’t hear him last night either ….

Here is Rog surveying his work …
he trimmed some trees so the owl could search for pesky pests.


Thank YOU Habitat for Ornithology volunteers for creating a home for our Screechies!
Something better move into this little house and make it a home ... 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This TREE!

It was a frustrating season with my pre-lit Christmas tree.  At the most inopportune times a short in the lighting would cause one of the 3 strings of lights to go out.  In most cases, it was possible to revive the lights if you said Prayers and shook the tree gently.  If you forgot the Prayer part, it would not work at all.
In a moment of frustration, I told my sister Shell I would cut the baby Kevin and Bryan bears from the tree and toss the rest into the garbage.  She talked me out of it (thank you).  After removing the temporary strings of lights that acted as a band aid through Christmas and cutting the pre-lit lights from the tree with Cutco super-strength kitchen shears, the tree was ready to be put away till next year ...
... but a conversation with my cousin Kathy changed all that when she reminded me how much she liked to look at her tree (thank you).  I LOVE the way the lights change the entire mood in the room.  It inspires me to be more creative.  I LOVE baby KEV and BRY bears with their knitted scarves by Robin.  Why should I put it away? Through February this is a VALENTINE celebratory expression tree!
... with the bears and glass hearts and bleeding heart ornaments, and six little winter song birds, and a wooden watermelon slice to remind me that summer is coming.  In March it will be a St. Patrick's Day tree and then an Easter tree and a Beach tree in the summer and anything I want it to be tree whenever I want it to be.  In December Kev and Bry are in charge of determining what our Christmas tree will be.  

Life is too short ... do good things that you want!
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