Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Squirrel Story

"Hey, excuse me, what are you doing?
Do you have time for a Squirrel Story?"

They called me Reggie! I was an orphaned baby squirrel. My Mom didn't come home one day and I got real hungry after a while and wandered out of my nest and fell on the ground. I was way little. Mary found me in the grass, I was very cold. She called the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) and they told her to call Roger, a CT licensed Wildlife Rehabiliator for small mammals in her area. Mary wrapped me up in a towel and put me in a shoe box and brought me to Roger. See me below sleeping in Bryan's baby blanket. The box I am sleeping in has a heating pad under part of it so I am way warm if I want to be. (brrrrr I have no fur yet.)

After I warm up, I get real hungry and Rog and my new foster Mom feed me special formula. Check out my eyes they're still closed.

See ... look ... I'm getting bigger and share my nest with another orphaned baby squirrel.
They called her Snowy.

I like to snuggle on kids (they're very warm too)! Thx Joe!

I love my formula, I'm getting bigger and stronger. I like to eat a lot.
My foster Mom would do all the night feedings.

I am learning how to climb (up Kevin).

Look ... now I have two friends, our tails are getting bushy and we love to explore and climb.

Here I am the day I moved into my pre-release cage. I am safe in this cage outside and I am getting used to the elements and the sounds during the day and night. I can't get out of this cage yet and other animals can't get in. I'm eating a Pecan (my favorite junk food). I also eat monkey chow and apples and other stuff.

Here I am all grown up. A tiny little hatch was opened in my release cage and I could come and go as I pleased. Raccoons couldn't get in to my cage. I would play outside during the day and come back to my safe little nest in my cage at night. I came up to the porch to get my favorite junk food now and again.

I am one good looking squirrel (and I still LOVE Pecans)!

Eventually I moved out of my cage and built a nest high in a tree. I became so busy with my friends and doing squirrel things that after a while I even stopped coming back for pecans. (my foster Mom would like to think that I raised a family and still reside in the Highlands in Farmington ~ she'll never know for sure).

But thanks for the chance!
For more information about CT Wildlife Rehabilitators go to http://www.cwrawildlife.org/


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