Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day!
A wee bit o' corned beef on a green hard roll! Bryan's doing it right in SLC! He's cooked his corned beef, made his colcannon and carrots and feeding his friends a wee bit o' Ireland
on Spring Break!
He's making his Irish Grandmother proud!
(cell-phone-to-cell-phone photo by Bryan)
Roger's Sister, Susie, came out from OH for the weekend. We had a girls' night sleepover! Linda, Susie, Stefanie and me! It was so fun, Rog bought us dinner and made sure our glasses were never empty. We watched old family movies (my father-in-law narrated the best family movies). We ate 'Grinders Keepers' grinders and
'Wings over Bristol' wings.
We laughed and cried, and laughed some more!

Jasmine has bronchitis ...
but she seems to be on the mend! Poor puppy ...

Jasmine's cousins, Callie and Jack,

came to visit her!

"Jack, where are your eyes?"

Back yard stuff ...

It's hard to see in the above photo, but that is NOT a pile of snow in our back yard. It's a Red-tailed hawk lunching on a Seagull. Tried sneaking up on him instead of getting the telephoto lense, but you can't sneak up on a Red-tailed hawk! The Seagull was bigger than the hawk and he carried it away. And all that was left was ....

Have a great-rest-of-the week!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great job Bryan on keeping Gram's tradition going! She would be very proud of you!

Lots of love
Auntie Shell

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