Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Rob, Wendy, Larry, Geralyn,
Miriam, Roger, Deb and Steve

The Marriott's Ocean Pointe Vacation Club
... our room was on the 7th floor of this bldg,
just 1/2 way back

our balcony views ...

calm beach ...

... not so calm beach
(balcony view)

brought home at least 30 lbs. of shells!
had to buy a new suitcase to get them back to CT

loved this bamboo seaside treasure pole erected in the sand at the beach in front of our bldg to memorialize some loved ones 

(R & W said it was gone the day after WE left ... where did it go?)

loved it a REAL lot!

the bench set before the bamboo totem
West Palm flower
a beach creature

love was in the air
(and on the balcony)
in West Palm Beach ..
"the kiss!"

... well and then ...

... and then ...
... and then they were done ...
our only real venture out other than for food was to McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. what an awesome place! An interesting collection of exotic animals confiscated by wildlife officers from previous owners because of neglect, abuse, or illegal possession.
Sabi the white Tiger!
a Bengal Tiger

a fuzzy Tarantula

the twins ... Florida Panthers

a Tortoise
Rog and a Lemur

an Albino Burmese Python

Rog and the Albino Burmese Python

(pictures by Rog & Rob & me)

an exceptional vaca


Anonymous said...

Otherwise the vacation looked like a blast. Can I put in my order for a totem?

ger chouinard said...

Already ordering the bamboo ... and I certainly have enough shells! Save your driftwood pieces! xoxo

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