Monday, February 08, 2010

where have I been since Baklava?

Did you miss me? Haven't posted in forever! Got a new position at work and sorta dove in 110%, keeps me out of trouble outside of the workplace. So what has happened since Baklava ... oops old picture of Christmas, but still very, very, cute. Me and Christopher. Check out the skirt my Mom made me with my little tool belt and my cowboy cousin,
nice boots Chris! Kathy had us all over for Christmas at her house.
It was so fun!

Here is where the awesome picture of Kathy & I would go!

The bottle cap from Bryan's beverage ...

Birthday flowers from Shell & Bruce - Thx Shell!

Stanley THEN and NOW!
My Dad's vintage coffee thermos and the latest in
Stanley beverage containers. And a cypress knee wood carving by David Frampton!

went to the beach, but the beach was closed (and very cold)!

That's all I got!
Oh ... and then it was Groundhog Day!


Rog said...

Very nice compilation/update!!! Very cute photo of you with Kev too!

Anonymous said...

I missed you!!!Great pictures. Please don't wait so long for the next update. K

Michele said...

This was worth the wait! Great pictures, brings back good memories of the family and what a good time we always have when we are together!

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