Monday, November 22, 2010

What I DO and DO NOT Know!

I knew Bryan was covering the Utah and San Diego game in San Diego on Saturday, Nov. 20th. I knew he'd be driving along with 5 friends from school and the Chrony in 2 cars. I knew Bryan would be one of the drivers. The trip out, went as planned and took approximately 10 hours (I knew that). Utah beat San Diego on Saturday night (YAY!) and the plan was to drive the 10 hours back on Sunday. I woke up Sunday and heard the weather report, didn't care what was happening here in CT, but the National Weather Service reported problems for travelers in the West. Heavy snow falling in the southern cascades and Sierra Nevada, white out conditions thru the Rockies, especially Interstate-15. I knew he was traveling that way, sent a little text message "travel safe - will you hit snow? xoxo", he writes back, "hope not, might, we'll see". Called him a bit later and he said he was in St. George, UT and I never heard from him again until today. I knew he had to pick up a friend at the airport in SLC at approximately 8:30 p.m. last night. He would get into SLC, head into work for a couple hours and then rush off to pick up Wendy. I knew he was busy. What I didn't know was the ride home took 16 hours. I-15 was closed due to numerous accidents, Bryan and his friends chose an alternate route. They were separated from the 2nd car which ended up turning back. Bryan never made it back to SLC until after midnight (made arrangements for a friend to pick up Wendy) and today he filled me in on all the other details that I did not know ... the accident they narrowly escaped and the impact it had even on Bryan! I was at work when most of this was happening, all wrapped up in my work stuff. Getting to bed at 1:30 this a.m. I imagined Bryan and Wendy grabbing something to eat after her flight and hoping that Bryan remembered to put clean sheets on her bed. I had NO idea! Bryan said today that he wanted to get through it and tell me about it when it was over and not make me go through it with him. I can't imagine how I would have dealt with knowing what was going on. I'm sure, like Bryan, I would have coped, but so much is totally out of my control. I know he is safe now and I know I prayed yesterday that God would keep him and his friends safe and free from harm during their travels.
I KNOW my prayers were answered!

A photo Bryan shared with me today
(after it was all over)!
... can you imagine ALL the other stuff I don't know ??? :)


Anonymous said...

Ignorance is bliss. Glad he made it back safe and sound. AK

Carola Bartz said...

Sometimes it is really better NOT to know. We drove through some pretty horrific weather in Utah, no fun at all.
Glad they're safe!

Kerri said...

sometimes, not knowing is good.
having just recently been in a bad car wreck myself, i am so aware of how quickly something can happen. in an instant. phew. so glad he made it home safely and that you never even knew about all the bad traveling conditions until it was all over!

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