Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lexi ... Bella's new baby sister!

Bella has a new Baby sister!  We call her Lexi.  She came all the way from an animal rescue in  Kokomo, IN.  Pals For Paws Inc.  Stuff happens for a reason!  See Bella below before Lexi came ...
 she was all by herself and needed a little sister.  That could be Lexi and Bella on that pillow on the far right!  Lexi is a Scoland Terrier ... part Scotish Terrier and part West Highland White Terrier.
 Looks like they nap a lot ... huh? 
Well they nap ... but boy can they play!
 "Don't tell my 'people' brothers
 that mom put a dress on me!"
"me and Bella's Pony."

 "Practicing my 'runway' walk."

napping with my new dad and new sister!

"Dad and Aunt Stefi drove 1,000 miles and 18 hours to pick me up and bring me home.  We're still sleepy tired!  Thank YOU Mary and Bridgette and all the folks at Pals for Paws Inc. and my previous family too for loving me so much and helping me find my new home and my new sister!"
LOVE, Lexi (formerly 'Onyx')

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