Monday, May 28, 2012

Pre-Memorial Day Festivities with the Family

The pre-Memorial day family gathering!  They came from as far as Arizona and South Carolina!  These photos are for those who couldn't make the trip for whatever reason.  We missed you ... Bryan, Ellen, Tim, Paul, Luke and the rest of you
know who you are!
It takes a lot of work to put a family gathering together ...

There is much work to do ...
moving things here ...

and moving things there!

everybody get all dressed up
 and looks their best!

people even take pictures
 of people taking pictures ...

getting a little help from your friends/family
 is always a plus
coordinating who brings what
over the cell phone

and texting too

Siblings are awesome!
2nd Cousins rock!

Grammies are so cool!

gotta have 'sports'

and family ...

and Boys

and Girls
and Cousins

and someone has to watch the napping children!
Family gatherings are the BEST!

Nice job Cousin!  It was a great party!

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