Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

... so we are Blessed and Thankful for many things ALL year!
  This year our Thanksgiving food festival started on Friday nite November 16th with a Mexican food feast with Stef and Rich.  Then on to the 1st Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, November 18th (with Bryan home from SLC and Rog and Bruce and Shell and Kathy and 'Nanny' Michelle and Kev and Dick and Tom).  Sue and Steve came out from Ohio for the actual Thanksgiving Day feast on November 22nd ...
... Joe is in college now and wanted to spend some time with 'a friend' over Thanksgiving break.  He stayed back in OH and took care of the pups ... Madison and Lola.  Stefanie worked a double (helping to keep us safe) on the actual T-day, Rich stopped in with his parents.  It was great to Richard and Marilyn.   Bry had already headed back to SLC to orchestrate his own Thanksgiving dinner with friends (and get back to his new job).  Linda came up from Saybrook with Callie and her  pup sitting charge - Zoe.  Kev made the gravy!

there was plenty to eat
and drink
Kev, Lexi and Bella
6 pups Thanksgiving Day ... it was a little CRAZY!
Lexi, Jack, Kai, Callie, the new pup - Zoe and Bella waiting for Turkey bites from Aunt Linda!
our turkeys were not short on Tryptopahn ...
baby Zoe even had to take a nap
and Bryan had to take a nap
and Kevin had to take a nap
VERY thankful for our family and friends, for food on our tables, a roof over our heads, change in our change purses, warm and dry nests and God's furry creatures. 
We are Blessed.

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