Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Tiny germs have invaded our space ... they could be casino bugs and may have come home with Roger. They could be munchkin germs and may have come home with me. Or we could have picked them up at the grocery store, or Panera, or McDonalds. But they are here and manifested themselves initially as head colds, they turned into Bronchitis in Rog and warranted a visit to the Doctor.
Check out this collection of cold remedies!

I have a cold .... but I am thankful I live in the USA, and have money in my pocket to buy Tylenol Cold Formula and Mucinex at the local CVS, and a car to get me there, and a bed to go to sleep in early and orange juice!

(Rog bought most of this stuff, but if it makes him feel better, that's all that matters)

I am blessed!


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