Monday, January 14, 2008

Life Cycle of a Pile

And one of my favorite New Year's Resolutions is to be MORE ORGANIZED! "Life Cycle of a Pile" was cut from the Hartford Courant and given to me by my husband. It's all about me and my 'piles'.

so true and very sad for me!

here is a relatively new pile, a stage 2 pile, I feel good, I know what is in this pile (Sarah and Victor's invitation to their wedding in Cartagena, Colombia etc. ~ happy stuff)
another relatively new pile, this pile hasn't even made it to the office yet. It's a kitchen pile, which means it will be reviewed an dispersed to the office piles at a later date (there is a better way)
this is a stage 4 pile, I feel bad because this pile has been there for a while and I need to take action on some of these items (whatever they may be ~ YUCK, an invoice)

who knows what is in this pile, cast off to the side and "one with the desk"!
... but my piles never expire and head to the recycle bin without scrutiny!

I resolve to eliminate my piles in 2008 ...

we'll see ...


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