Friday, April 18, 2008


a Hootie update!

"Hootie alert: up to 40 egg total as of this morning ... That little white bird clearly doesn't know when to quit. I'm in the process of getting the work trailer (better known as Hootie's Aviary) pulled from the project by the end of next week, so she'll be residing in the chef's quarters with me and the cat. I'll appraise you if that has any effect on her egg production. I will let her out a couple of times a day, but I'll have to lock the cat up on the second floor to keep any excitement to a minimum. There may be some interesting photo opportunities. That's all that's marginally interesting in Newport today."

"As of this morning, Hootie is up to 6 eggs in a row. She seems very healthy and happy (I's hard to be sure...she IS a dove) but if she keeps this up and she's gonna wear out her egg making stuff. Whew. She still hasn't learned that it's not wise to lay eggs on TOP of the cage. "

~ excerpts from Thom's Hootie updates, pictures of Hootie by Thom!

Thom ~ thanks for loving her!


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