Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Vacation

One week without my little ones, ahhh ‘Spring Vacation’. I had all sorts of plans, but here’s what actually happened …

We’re “all decked out”. Power washed and solid stained our deck. Beach Beige (how appropriate). 151 four-sided spindles, etc. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Had a Safe Home Security System installed (cuz I want to be safer)! Its name is SIMON.

Had TLC clean the furnace, (cuz it needed it)!

Did some ‘Golden Girl’ work.

Did a ‘dump run’ with Rog.

Got a better price on my car insurance with Allstate!

Hired Harrington’s SafeLawns Organic Lawn Care (cuz I wanted to be safer for People, Pets and the Planet). I’m sooo excited about our upcoming ‘SafeTea’ application tailored for our lawn after the results of our soil tests are in.

Canceled my hair coloring appointment (cuz I’m going GREEN,
I mean GRAY)!

Washed windows, cleaned stuff, did laundry, went through old pictures, organized closets, and did yard work.

Met my sister and Rose for breakfast on Wednesday … (all work and NO play makes me a very crabby girl)!

Got a brand new car battery (cuz my car wouldn't go)!

Lunch with Barbara B.,
Shop with Robin,
Walk with Barbara U.,
Play in Saybrook with my SIL, Linda,

or get creative.

Please don’t give up on me friends … summer is coming! My days are just not long enough ...

"When the days are too short chances

are you are living at your best."

~ Earl Nightingale

so there ya go, we'll lunch and shop and walk and play soon (and eventually I WILL create)!

... eat your nuts and berries ... be healthy!


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