Thursday, August 07, 2008

Creative 'Patrol' Cats

remember an earlier post ... squirrels are eating my container garden patio tomatoes. Can't tent them ... squirrels will chew right through the tents. So I'll git me some patrol cats. Squirrels don't like cats!

This kitty birdhouse was handcrafted by Uncle Pete in NH, painted by me and given as a gift to my Mom.

... and this kitty ... another quirky creation, a spirited character brought to life in 2003 by me ~ I LOVE THIS PIECE! TWO gourds joined together make this cat come alive. Covered in a coat of ‘love YOU’ hand painted hearts, Kitty promises to be faithful forever (but can she scare off the squirrels?). She has paper clay ‘mitten/sock’ paws and ears. A funky fiber and feather boa collar and a “Kitty Love” charm embellish Kitty’s tail! Maybe the boa is too much for her daytime assignment ... oh well

Let's see if it works!

The END!

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