Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just a few 'Staycation' Days

Wish I made that word up ~ "Staycation" ... but everybody is using it! It's even in the Urban Dictionary. A few days all to myself! I did not vacate my home and this is what I was up to ...

Painted an old nightstand!

and prepped another old wooden ironing board for a Halloween design and painted an old footstool and a plaque that Rog made for brass numbers for our house

(he said the pizza delivery guy can't find us)

and this is the coolest old table! Roger's Dad made it for his Mom as a laundry folding table years and years ago and with a little paint,
I'm going to use it in my studio.

Trying a new type of paint from

This was my Mom and Dad's old bedroom. It kinda turned into the 'aviary' for our rescued feathered friends.
Well now they are going to have to share it with me!

Took down the bed and moved it upstairs

(you can see the night stand in its original state in this picture)

I'm going to turn it into a studio like place (with birds).
I'll show you 'after' pics when it's all done.

and last but not least, Rog helped me hang my arrows so I'll never get lost in my backyard and I am constantly reminded of some of my favorite places and the people that play, learn, grow up, and 'vaca' there (BRYAN, I did not say 'party').

the squirrels use it as a play scape!

so that's what I've been up to ... how 'bout you?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A "studio"!!! Can't wait to see it!!!!!!! Can we have a "Studiowarming" party? R xox

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