Thursday, September 24, 2009

Greensboro, VT

Larry and Miriam invited us to stay at their Northern VT home for the weekend. We traveled through MA (where we found the below sign ... too scary) to Greensboro, VT to a little peninsula on Caspian Lake. Where we were welcomed by this sign.
This is the sign on that appears on the front porch. Miriam's dad was one of the original home owners - Richard Olmsted.
Here's the front of their summer home.

Leaves were already turning in
Northern VT on September 19th.

Here's their front yard.
Here's Chippy on Golden Pond,
I mean Caspian Lake, eating almonds!

Saw where Larry and Miriam's final resting place will be
(it's so beautiful there!)

Where else can you go out for an early a.m. drive in your golf cart in your pajamas?

Sun bathing Jasmine

Time to put away the kayak for the winter
(notice how Jasmine has to help)

Shell this spider is for YOU!

Larry and Miriam we had a great time!
Thank YOU for sharing your home!



Shell said...

Can I pull the legs off?

Only kidding, I have grown up!


Michele said...

Beautiful home, Larry and Miriam! Enjoy!

Bruce and Michele

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