Thursday, September 17, 2009

more Cypress Knee Spirits

Custom Cypress Knee
Seaside Santawith all of my favorite things ...
Santa with lobster, blue crab, seashells and buoys

starfish, seagull and a sack full of toys

life preserver, beach ball, sand pail and shovel
candy cane and a doll, an old ship's anchor ...

Great Hammock Beach or
Cornfield Point .... hmmmmmm?

down to every last detail,
even the lobster buoys have identification numbers!
(my parent's birth dates)

Do you LOVE him?
He's my 2nd cypress knee spirit creation
and joins BOO (previously featured on 5/5/09 post)


Anonymous said...

I love your seaside santa. I see three wise men in the three knees beside him>

Michele said...

You out did your self with this one! It is BEAUTIFUL! I am so proud of you. Keep up the creativity!


Robin said...

You are AMAZING!! my talented friend!!!

Anonymous said...

May-be a MOUNTAIN SIDE Santa !

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