Monday, September 14, 2009

Lessons on a Sunday in September

Tim R. came in from AZ to visit with family and friends. Thought we would kick off his visit with a day at Great Hammock Beach. A ride in Roger's boat, a little seafood and maybe a walk on the sandbars. Arrived just in time to seenearly 900 Bikers for Babies
(who raised approximately $60,000 for the March of Dimes)

ahhh, Roger's boat. If any of you have taken a boat ride with Roger you know that 'slow' is not part of what this boat can do. I have begged for a slow boat ride into the sunset. It has been 3 years and it hadn't happened. Be careful what you wish for...
Rog, Kathy, Tim and I set out for Bill's Seafood in the boat. Past the Osprey nest (Roger's Dad built it and it is licensed with the DEP). Looks like somebody was home, the two babies are all grown up now. We headed 10 miles west of Great Hammock Beach at approximately 20 miles per hour (fast enough for Kathy and I). Tim was promised a 'fast' ride after Kathy and I got out of the boat when we returned from lunch. Below we are heading into Pilot's Point Marina channel to get to Bill's. See the boat on the right? Roger thought he was going a tad bit slow so he proceeded to pass him and,
the strangest noise came from the engine and our boat had no power. Well we were just around the corner from Bill's so we proceeded at 3 miles an hour for lunch!

under the singing bridge with cars traveling over us

Seafood at Bill's

Christopher, these seafood photos are for you!
miss ya cousin!

Kathy treated us to lunch and we talked about our boat.
Thanks for lunch Kathy!

said goodbye to the birds that poop on your boat and wait for folks to toss them french fries

Tim and Rog were in charge of debird-pooping the boat
Thx Tim!

Rog got us back out on the water, swam under the boat to make sure nothing was stuck in the intake grate (nothing there) and we headed for home. Unfortunately we could only travel at 3 miles per hour! We were 10 miles from home!
"the weather started getting rough
the tiny boat was tossed"
(when you go slow the big waves wash over the bow and get in the boat) we needed a plan, we never would have made it back before dark. So we called Brenda on Roger's cell phone (always file a trip plan or carry a cell phone). Brenda gave us Tim's cell phone number who was out fishing for Blue's. He had gotten at least 17 hits by the time we called him and had pulled in at least 5 of them. Rog didn't want him to stop fishing for us and said we would make it.


YAY! Tim to the rescue! He saved us!

And check it out ... even as Tim said, "how could he, fishing from the boat Roger's Dad used to own, not rescue his kid?"

a beautiful day for a tow, increased our travel time by 3 times!

and here was the culprit. We sucked up a 4 inch plastic fishing lure into the intake grate just as we passed that other boat in the channel.

Tim and supper!

L'Orange Blue Fish (thx for sharing Tim) It was WAY yummy! moral of the story ...
be careful what you wish for
thank goodness for good friends and family
always carry your cell phone
and you are where you are at all times for a reason, don't pass the slow boat in the channel when you go to Bill's for lunch!


Tim Rusch said...

Hey Cuz! That was a fun day for sure! One to remember. The boat, the food, the long ride back. I would not trade that day for anything.

Michele said...

As long as you are with family, who cares what happens! Looks like you had a great time. Wish we were there.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great time at sea. This will be a day at the beach not easily forgotten. Thank you Roger for the ride and thank you Tim for rescuing us. It was a heck of a day at sea. Kathy

Anonymous said...

Like Leah & Brent told Alex a few weeks ago.... good friends are the ones who come to your rescue!

Looks like the sunset was the only thing missing from your slow ride back....had Tim not rescued you, you might have gotten your whole wish!

Roger said...

I tell ya, if I ever meet up with ANY of those boats that "swamped" us as we were putting along at 3 mph, the tables will be turned! (not to mention the guy that left the lure in the middle of the channel) BUT, as everyone said, it was a day to remember! Thanks again for the tow, Tim!

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