Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shelly Cupboards

Our New Ovens
and 'Shelly' Cupboards

20 years ago next month my Mom's dream kitchen came to fruition ... she was 60 years old. She cooked some amazing meals from her ovens but it was time to update them. Check out before and after pics
and come on over for dinner!

We will have to see if I can be
1/2 the cook my Mom wa

Old unit had one drawer below double hung ovens. Upper oven was microwave (that really didn't work to well anymore) and convection oven. Small cupboard above ovens.
New unit has larger cupboard above microwave/convection oven combination above larger oven, two drawers below ovens. Whole unit is wider. New cabinet and drawer pulls on order for entire kitchen.

Need to go read my oven manuals!

Thank YOU S & B



R said...

Looks awesome! When's dindin?

Anonymous said...

the stoves and cabinets look beautiful

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