Sunday, April 15, 2007

Whatever Became of Hootie?

A Bird Story!

Shortly after Roger's Father's Uncle Hody passed away in October 1999, Roger's Dad found a white dove in Hody's driveway. It was the middle of winter and the poor bird was just sitting there shivering. Dad picked her up and brought her home. He tried to find out who she belonged to, but no one ever claimed her. We often joked that Uncle Hody had been reincarnated as a dove. Dad and Hootie (named after Uncle Hody) became fast and furious friends, sharing toast at breakfast and spending time at the beach. Dad would let Hootie fly up into the treetops and she would always come back to him. He would ride his bike at the beach with Hootie on the handlebars catching the ocean breeze under her wings. She'd lay eggs routinely and whenever she heard his voice she would call out to him. After Dad passed away in June 2006, she stopped laying eggs. Roger's sister Linda took on the care of Hootie, and although she did a good job, something was missing from Hootie's life. Along came Thom, Linda's beau friend. Hootie took quite a liking to Thom and is wintering in RI at Thom's home. She is now laying eggs routinely and she has found a new little friend in Liam, Thom's Grandson, riding on the handlebars of his little bike.

Hootie and Dad at the beach going for a ride!

Hootie is living the good life in RI
(thank YOU Thom and Liam)!

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scott said...

Liam LOVES playing with Hootie. Whenever we go to Poppy's(Thom's) house he is always excited to visit Hootie also. I,myself, love the bird too.

Liam's Dad,


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