Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bunny Slippers

They're here ...
Terry, this is for you
and all the Wal-Mart technicians
that believed you!
Finally, I AM wearing Bunny slippers! Actually, I love a successful 'Mompreneur' story and this is definitely one of them. I had to have a pair and share the story. E & A will love them. 'Runaway Rabbit' Bunny Slippers Check them out! Check out the 'sightings' category to see who else is wearing them. Visit
for the story about Runaway Rabbit Creations. Ten percent of all profits are donated to an adoption foundation that helps kids find forever homes.
Shell and Laura did you want to order Bunny Slippers for the Vineyard?
Barbara U. did you want to get a pair for the Keys?
They are so comfortable!

I love them ....


1 comment:

Bunny said...

Dear Geralyn,
You are a girl after our own hearts! I'm delighted that you are pleased with our bunny slippers. Thank you for your kind words about our company and our product. Be sure and check out the FLiP HoP! Your tootsies will thank you, especially in the summer!
Gayla Warner
Runaway Rabbit

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