Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things and ...

Tulips from my SIL on Easter ~ Thank YOU Linda!
I've been in customer service forever (36 years)! Recently I left my corporate customer service job to serve a different type of clientele. I am now a nanny for twin 2 year-olds. I arrive at their home early in the a.m. and we spend the day together. You need to know that I have set my hair on heat rollers almost everyday for the last 35 years (can you imagine!?). When the twins are napping I usually have time to plug in the travel rollers and do my thing! Now mind you these sweet little children are only 2 and the other day when E. woke up from his nap and I walked into his room to retrieve him from his crib, he looked at me and said, "nice hair Jerlin". I thanked him and told him I had used my curlers!
Now earlier this week things were a bit hectic and I didn't have time to use my curlers. We were getting our coats on to go outside and play and he looked up at me intently (kinda like the little face below) and stared at my hair and said, "Jerlin YOU NEED CURLERS!"
I love my new client base ...
ME and MY curlers (almost 12,000 times ... that's a bit bizarre)

OHMYGOSH! I love chocolate and chocolate covered nuts are the best! I am so sad when I get to a box of chocolates and someone has eaten all the chocolate covered nuts. Well Kevin gave me a WHOLE 10 OZ. BOX of Russell Stover chocolate covered cashew, peanut, pecan, and almond nut cups for EASTER. I am a very happy Mom!


The little 'create' charm is from Robin to remind me to do just that ...
Thank YOU Robin!

have a great rest-of-this week!

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Gorgeous photos!

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