Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gotta Love a Weekend!

Congratulations Boys!
Big weekend at GHB!
Rick and Rog secured the Pres. and VP positions,
respectively, at the Fall GHB Election.
They hit the campaign trail for 5 hours on Saturday with the below campaign flier. Picture of Rick and Rog by Linda H. Thx Linda!

On the artsy side of things ... a sketch materializes into an art form and saves a 'smelly' old vintage ironing board from the dump!

It stands about 4 & 1/2 feet tall and after the primer and all it's not even too smelly. Anyways, I'm sure the smelly, musty part adds character. It was probably the ironing board of a 'wicked witch' and when she wasn't ironing, it held her open spellbook ...

Building continues to progress at Bruce and Shell's "Moose Manor"!

Bry ... this one is for you!
Brandon was at THE game (I swiped the pic from Jill's blog, thx Jill)!
"Utes overcome mistakes to crash the Big House"
(I even stole Tony's title)

have a wonderful week


Anonymous said...

The ironing board art is wonderful. So is the pumpkin with the witch. Is that one of your creations, too?

ger chouinard said...

Hey Anonymous! Thx for the kind words. The pumpkin with the witch is one of my creations from an 'apple gourd'. I'll post a few pics soon of other Halloween creations. Thx for visiting ....

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