Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Weekend!

Big birthday celebration weekend! Had lunch with Donna F. on Friday at Ruby Tuesday's to help her celebrate her 5*th birthday.


Friday night was dinner at Shell and Bruce's to celebrate Kathy's 6oth birthday (Filet Mignon and lots of Crab Cakes ... way YUM!). Rog picked out the candles!
... and the card (can ya tell?) ...
"aging is inevitable,
maturing is optional"
gotta love a Hallmark

Then off to the Putney Inn in VT on Saturday for Larry's surprise 60th birthday party and he was surprised! Had a great time with Larry and Miriam and Leon and Leslie and Linda and a whole bunch of other folks that we never get to see.

Great job on the party Miriam!Shari's birthday is today too!
Happy Birthday Shari!
(how old are YOU now?)

1964 photo ~ Shari, me and Shell at Santa's Village

Spooky is off to Calgary, Alberta. Had a little going away party for him with his friends on Friday.

Spooky brought in $70 for the Nie Recovery auction.
Thank YOU Cassandra!
have a great week family and friends ...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great Picture of Santa's Village!
We are sooo cute, Happy Birthday Shari


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