Monday, September 22, 2008

Mouses are moving IN

Today is the 1st day of Autumn and the neighborhood mice are moving in to stay warm. You thought I was kidding about the mouse house in the shed ... well here it is! A snuggly condo with clean dry rags stuffed in a McCain K-Cup box. Even cut them a little hole for easy access.They are going to live in the shed whether I like it or not, just check out their little mouse holes they come and go from. They chewed up the Lawn Boy grass bag, the volleyball net, etc. Next, they will be making nests in the mower engines. So I thought if they had a warm little place they could call their own, they just might leave my stuff alone ... and I could just throw it away in the spring when they moved out! Worth a try ...

Here's a 'mouse view' of their new home. Not sure if anyone has moved in yet.
Mowed the lawn today too. I love to mow the lawn. When I was a young girl my Dad would never let me mow the lawn because I never mowed in a straight line (he was kind of a perfectionist). Well some things never change, I still can't mow straight. But it made me smile. I knew my Dad was looking down on me and just shaking his head and laughing.

Borrowed a bunch of old pictures from my Sister. The below picture is my Dad and his Sister, my Aunt Betty.
Michele also had this picture of my Dad. Aunt Betty was hoping we could find it so she could have a copy. I LOVE old pictures!
stay warm,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The only thing I invite mice into are MOUSETRAPS! Haha! They will destroy everything-they won't be content with your box plus they give people all sorts of bad illnesses, some are very bad. I've had them in a home and in a garage and it was a very very bad thing. A box would not have made them behave. Take away the box and put out the traps. You'll thank me for it. :-)
P.S. Your page keeps getting better and better. You are very talented.

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