Sunday, July 06, 2008

Celebrating His Life

It has rained here everyday for almost a week. The sun peeks out occasionally, but the daily weather symbol usually looks like this ...

or even this ...

It was Saturday, July 5th. The high in OS was 73 degrees F, the low 66 degrees F, very cloudy and overcast. It was raining in Bristol when Bryan and I set out for the beach to meet family and friends of Frank J. Mattoni to celebrate his life, by the sea ...

Frank's family and friends gather on the sand bars ...

the heavens opened up

and the sun put on a magnificent show to greet them ...

... and then a rainbow

... and if that wasn't enough ...
a double rainbow!

Clouds in life are passing
But soon we see His Light
Written in the wind and sea
God's everlasting Might
He sees us in our passing
He looks at us with pride
Knows that we are searching
For Gentle Hands to Guide
But seas in life are rough now
Through clouds it's hard to see
But Light will enter brightly
Then peacefully appease
For we are but the sailors
Who seek to find the way
Mighty is our Captain
Who guides us as we pray
The waters calm and steady
Upon the shore we'll land
And we will know the bounty
His Ray of Light so Grand.

~Francine Pucillo © 2003




Roger said...

An awesome tribute to an awesome was so apparent that God was here on this night, the displays in the sky with the sun & rainbows proved the perfect backdrop to the occasion. It proved to me that Frank is here, will always be here, and this is where he was meant to be.

Anonymous said...

This was an incredible experience that I will never forget. Thank you Geralyn for capturing the evening with your photos. Frank will always be with us......that sunset and rainbow is proof !!!


Linda Hunter said...

One word.....WOW! What an incredible experience you all shared together. I truly believe that Frank was with you all and sent the rainbow as a message that he will always be with his family and friends. Just keep looking for those "visits" from him....he was truly blessed with wonderful people in his life!!

Geralyn - you captured something truly breathtaking....great job!!

Frank said...

Thank you for taking the time to step back and document this very important evening for us all.

Thank you to everyone for joining us on the sand bars.

Your being there helped to make it as special as it was.

Spending a beautiful night at the beach with family and friends is exactly what he would have wanted.

Thank you all for sharing in the most spiritual evening of my life.

I will never forget it.

Frank Mattoni

ger chouinard said...

They say that shortly after the memorial service for Tim Russert, a double rainbow appeared over the skies of Washington. Attendees left the service to the late Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's (Iz's) ukulele version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". They called it The "Russert Rainbow". I shall always consider myself blessed to have witnessed the "Mattoni Rainbow". Was it God letting Frank send an unbelievably comforting message to his friends and family? Was it Frank's way of letting us know he was home? Or was it the sunset light reflected through the water droplets running down Frank's frosty Heavenly Heineken? Definitely a Divine Message! Miss you Frank! xo

Anonymous said...

Rianbow's are more than just beauty in the sky, they are the color of a beautiful soul who never says goodbye.

His life is now in the water, in the air and in the clouds. When you feel saddened, he rains down to say he's proud.

After all the life he's lived, and through all the lives he's touched, he came back again through a rainbow to show he cares so much.

He's everywhere in this world, and he remains in everyone's hearts. Remember his laugh, remember his smile, remember his friendship...his memory will never be lost.

Your Loving Daughter

Beth Wolert - Johnson said...

I dont even know where to begin. Yesterday (Sept. 28) I found out about the loss of a wonderful man, Mr. Frank J. Mattoni. My family and I are so incredibly saddened by your loss. He was truly my best friend, and always there for me and my family in the good times, and in the bad. His encouraging and wise spirit was a blessing to us all. I had the privelage of knowing him for 31 years, he had the biggest shoulders and the patience to get me and my family through any situation. The last time I spoke to him, was the end of May. I figured I would let him enjoy his summer in the new house with his family and friends all around, and his partying ways.... without any of the drama of anything going on with us. When I went to contact him (the end of the summer)I was unable to reach him by phone. I tried to email him, and by the third email without a response, I knew in my soul something was MISSING, and NOW I KNOW WHO. I dont know the details but I know about his heart. His heart was the biggest of anyone we ever knew, and it sure was used the most. My deepest and sincere prayers go to you all, especially to Richie (his brother), and to all his children and grandchildren, who he so lovingly talked about.
If ever any need to correspond, you may contact me at:

Sadly, Beth Wolert-Johnson

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