Monday, July 07, 2008

What Part Is Mine?

18 days has come and gone. Brought Bryan to BDL today for his return flight to SLC. 18 days never went by so quickly! It is always hard for me to watch him go so very far away. He starts school on August 25th and won't be back home until Christmas.

Luckily I was 'rescued' earlier in the week by my friend, Barbara B. who lent me her 'Michael sings McLean' CD in anticipation of me and my separation moment. The CD includes Michael's ballad, "Which Part Is Mine?" He sings about stages in a woman's life. Each verse portrays the issues she encounters in her relationships with a girlfriend, her spouse, and her children. She is able to define her role in her relationship with her girlfriend and her spouse by discussing in the refrain, "which part is yours and which part is mine?" When it comes to her children, she leaves that question with God ...

"Every sleepless night knows many mothers
Who are wond'ring if they've done alright.
And the dairyman's daughter
Knew more than a few of those nights.
Had she given her son too much freedom?
Had she smothered her two teenage girls?
Did she spoil them too much
Or not trust them enough
To prepare them for life in this world?
So she opened her heart to the heavens
And she mentioned her children by name.
And the prayer that she prayed
That her kids might be saved
Had a very familiar refrain.

Which part is mine?
And God, which part is yours?
Could you tell me one more time,
I'm never quite sure.
And I won't cross the line
like I have before.
But is gets so confusing sometimes;
Should I do more, or trust the divine?
Could you please tell me which part is mine
And which part is yours?

Did you hear me?
I can feel you near me.
This is the answer
That I've been longing for;
Just to know you hear me,
And to feel you near me.
This is the answer
That I've been longing for.

After I've done my best
I know you'll do the rest
'Cause I know you hear me."

I know he's all grown up and I know he needs to solve his own problems and find his own way. I know I probably hover too much. I know he will make little mistakes and learn from them. I know he needs his independence. I know this is what is supposed to happen. He's going to school and has two jobs (he's the Fall lead soccer writer and the 2nd football writer for the Daily Utah Chronicle) and he works at the field house. I know ... I know ...
I know ...

... and I try to know which part is mine and I do my best ... I'm just so very glad that I know GOD will do the rest! It sure makes it easier to know I have help ...

check out Michael McLean's CD, Michael sings McLean at

Love YOU Bry!


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