Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where Women Create

Check out the below photo of an arrow waymark signpost in Ireland (my Mom took this photo back in July of 1999). It's so cool to know where you are and where you can go, and even how far you have to go to get there!
I've created my own arrows from some scrap wood I acquired a bunch of years ago from Chuck. Not sure exactly what their purpose was back then, they were slightly rounded almost like a barrel stave, but a bit thicker and they didn't taper toward the ends. But Chuck didn't want them and I knew that someday they would be 'something' (I am such a pack rat). Well anyway I created arrows pointing me to some of my favorite places (I do have a few more favorite places, but ran out of these treasured pieces of wood).

U of U ... well you all know that is where my son, Bryan goes to school - OUCH 2009 miles away (as the crow flies). Key West ... been there, loved it! Yankee Stadium ... actually I really don't care if I ever go there again ... but Rog and Bry love it there, they are forever Yankee fans (if it makes them happy, I'm happy)!

Old Saybrook ... OHMYGOSH, ya just gotta love it there, especially if you're married to a GHB Brat. OZ ... hmmm, somewhere over the rainbow, I imagine. Used to be scared to death of that movie when I was a little girl, so it's a special place now. Cape Cod ... 143 miles away ... the best Family vacations ever! And last, but not least, Lobster Landing, a wee tiny seafood shack on the sound in Clinton with the best lobster rolls in the whole wide world!

So now, what am I going to do with them? .... you gotta wait and see ...

Here's a picture of part of my work bench where I painted the arrows. Hmmmm, my studio??? Sort of ... maybe ... I guess ... Can't wait to take a peak at this publication when it comes out in November.

Sometimes I am very jealous of pictures of beautiful, bright and well organized places/studios that women create their art in. I certainly spend too much time searching for materials when I finally have an idea of what I want to do. They are everywhere and could be anywhere in this house. But my dad built that workbench, back in 1950 something, and he did some incredible stuff there. Like fix every thing we ever broke (appliances, pots and pans, toys, etc.). That's where he helped me with my science projects and built my Halloween costumes (I was a robot once... shhh).

So yah ... that is my studio! It just needs a little bit of work.
Hopefully, I'll get the signs up soon. When they are ... I'll share a picture. Have a great rest-of-the-week!


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