Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Peeping Squirrels!

I am a morning person - I LOVE MORNINGS! I think more clearly in the morning, I have more energy in the morning, I am more creative in the morning. I just LOVE mornings! Here is the view of our 'beach beige' deck from our kitchen window. I am usually still in my jammies sipping Gloria Jean's Southern Pecan Pie coffee with Nestle's Coconut Creme from my very favorite mug with pink hearts on it given to me by my high school/college best friend Jane M. when I glance out the window AND there she is! My 'peeping' squirrel. She was actually lounging on my chaise lounge basking in the sun!
Who taught her to do that? And then when she thought she had not gotten my attention, closer she came and she snuggled on the railing! (These photos are shot through the closed glass window over my kitchen sink!)"Put down that coffee Girl
and get out here and feed me!"

Look at her little face, she's so precious! She loves bird food and corn cobs and bagels with all natural peanut butter! Tomorrow she's having fresh native blueberries from Laviana's!

Oh, and Mama Wren living in the spider plant, has three little eggs in her nest. Those babies should be hatching any day now. We love the critters in our back yard. Even whatever lives under the shed ...


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