Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've got Squirrels!

remember my tomatoes in the rain ...
weren't they beautiful?

well ... in an effort to help provide fresh vegetables for my family I did some container gardening this year on our 'beach beige' deck. A variety of tomato plants, in organic soil, with organic fertilizer and beautiful sturdy tomato ladders. We've already harvested a couple of the yellow mini-cherry's. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING ELSE IS HARVESTING TOO. Maybe I'll have to quit my day job and patrol the deck during the day. I know it's the squirrels! And they actually have the audacity to pick the tomato and take it to a deck chair or lounge chair and share a few bites with a friend. Wish I saw this little deck party going on today! They didn't even pick up after themselves ... those squirrels have NO manners whatsoever!
Kathy ... don't say "I told you so"!



Anonymous said...

flush em! You'll need to make tents for your plants. Add it to your list of things to do. You know who

Anonymous said...

I was always told that the squirrles need to eat too!
I believe my sister told me that when I wanted to buy squirrel baffels for my bird feeders!

ger chouinard said...

Shell thank YOU for the support. The squirrels DO have to eat too (even if it is my tomatoes, no tomato casualties today ... guess maybe they don't like them, who knows)! ... and 'you know who', squirrels are too big and too cute to flush, but thanks for your comment! As far as my list of things to do ... I do have one of those and tenting those plants isn't near the top ... yet. xo

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